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Hello this is Frank with Inner iD Designs and our sister company MotionGraphfx.

We want to take a moment of your time and tell you about our team.

You may provide the media videos, pictures, audio and voice over and we put that media together to form a cohesive and entertaining message or statement.

We also can produce, direct and create a script here in our studio…pricing depends on what you want.

Every client we work with and every job that we work on is unique.

We provide our clients with the necessary tools and personal experience to make your business stand out from everyone else.

We operate under our own California D.B.A. and will invoice you for each job we do, or we will invoice you, per your instructions.


v  Collaborate with team members to understand business and user requirements

v  Develop production strategy including filming, editing, logistics and post-production.

v  Translate requirements into engaging video content viewed through multiple channels (broadcast, Internet, mobile, etc.)

v  Effectively conceptualize, design and create high-quality storyboards, mocks and rough cuts.

v  Manipulate source video content in a variety of formats with the ability to output in the highest quality possible

v  Communicate design strategy and rationale to stakeholders

v  Handle and deliver results in a timely manner

v  Contribute suggestions or ideas to improve branding and messaging

Some of our qualification highlights:

v  25 years of Video Production/Editing experience combined

v  Video Production/Editing, such as

v   filming, directing, producing, editing, storyboarding, production

v  videography, digital video, compression, and transcoding, Script Writing.



v  Compelling portfolio that demonstrates our video production/editing experience

v   Primary skill: Video Production/Editing

v  Ability to work with constructive criticism as well as adhere to deadlines

v   A work style that is extremely detail oriented

We are dedicated, professional and all highly trained in all aspects of video and audio pre and post-production.

Here is a brief run-down of who we are.

Martin is involved in all aspects of broadcasting, from cinematography, editing and post production and has been involved in all aspects of broadcasting for over 15 years. Martin is also a part time professor at the University teaching Film Production. Martin has a degree in Film and Video.

Javier is a artist that has won numerous awards for his artwork and is a graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Art. He draws storyboards that you can hang on your wall as art. Here is a brief example of his work.

Antonella has a master’s degree in Graphic Design, and Film. She brings with her over 5 years of experience in pre and post production in Graphic design and film and has a mastery of everything Adobe.

Frank has an Associate Degree in Communication from The University of North Texas. Frank also has an Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering. Franks expertise is in editing and Motion Graphics, After Effects, and post production. He has over 30 years of experience in music and the recording industry, along with a mastery of computers and software.

Isaac has a mastery of audio composing and arranging pieces to match your film or video. A vast knowledge of pre and post production, and regularly provides lyrics and music scores to top name performers and recording studios. With over 30 years of experience in music.

We have a mastery of, Adobe CS6 Photoshop, After Effects, Premier Pro, AVID MC6, and Pro Tools. We also perform magic using plug ins from Red Giant.

v  Such as:

v  Composite Wizard

v  Image Lounge

v  ToonIt

v  Text Anarchy

v  Knoll Light Factory

v  Keying Suite 11.0.1

v  Magic Bulled Cosmo

v  Magic Bullet Mojo

v  Magic Bullet Colorista II

v  Magic Bullet Looks

v  Magic Bullet Instant HD

v  Magic Bulled Denoiser

We have a 100gigs of storage on Adobe Cloud which allows us to interact and collaborate with your media department.

           For your motion graphic and VFX needs.      



We have at our disposal 4 workstations capable of editing any material you have:

v  Our software includes Adobe CS5 Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Audition, Premiere Pro and After Effects, Avid Media Composer 6 and Pro Tools 9.

v  You will benefit from our use of professional products like Adobe After Effects and Premier Pro, Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools.….

v  You will benefit from our knowledge of how to organize and complete all of your Production and Post-Production needs.

v  Your video or motion graphics will be polished and will represent your company in a manner that will engage your clients or customers.

v  You will have the additional benefit of using a bi-lingual artists.

Please take a few moments and read what our clients say about our work.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       We consistently produce top rated videos and work tirelessly to make our clients happy.

Just a few of the jobs and some examples that we have done

as well as additional videos on our website


Your business will benefit by using a multi-talented Motion Design company that approaches

every project …with a vision for the end results, that’s because we understand the WHY… not just the how.

You will benefit because we take our work seriously and approach each and every project with a professional and determined attitude.                                                                                                                                                  Most importantly we all love what we do and that makes a difference.

Best Regards,


telephone number 559-761-0360

We know how to make you look good…everyday.

Some of our Customer Responses.


Gourmet Conference Video Highlights: “PHENOMENAL videos made by Inner iD Designs. The camera work (that we did) was SO terrible that I thought we couldn’t have the videos made, but Inner iD Designs was able to work some editing magic and saved it!”

Cooking Video – Rockfish:   “For this video,  Inner iD Designs were able to edit everything super professionally – even meshing 2 cameras with different fps into one smooth product. Great job!”

Before & After Video – Restaurant Renovation:  “Inner iD Designs ability to turn amateur shots into masterpieces is amazing. Their work is very impressive!”

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